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Reporting and Analytics

Information is Power
How tapped into your firms analytics are you?


Do you perform a daily review of all of the different metrics available? Do you know what time of the day web traffic is highest? Are you keyed into why a marketing campaign works or doesn’t?

Understanding the information available to you is an essential piece to expanding your reach to potential new clients. That said, sorting through all of this information can be a full-time job on its own. While you don’t want this valuable information to go undiscovered, sometimes it’s just not possible to set aside the time to look at the daily and weekly metrics. HQC can help with our targeted reporting options!

We can provide your firm with customized call and marketing reports. Use this information to create targeted and effective advertising campaigns in the future.

  • SWOT Analysis on Agents/Teams/Vendors

  • CPA/CPL reporting

  • ROI stair steps

  • Regression Analytics

  • Debt Scoring for Recovery/Valuation


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