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Lead Verification

In general, loan origination services involves application acceptance, application processing, underwriting of the loan and release of the loan amount. Every lender has their own unique way of handling the loan origination process. It’s important that all of the “boxes are checked” so that the process can move forward without errors. It’s a critical process for customers as well. For most applicants, there is a lot riding on a loan being issued; it can be a tense time for them and that adds extra pressure for accuracy.


The complexity of the process makes professional, experienced staff a key element for continual, successful operation. The job market is a highly competitive and volatile one, with the best producers commanding higher and higher wages and other compensation; making this sector a prime opportunity for HQC. The services that HQC offers eliminates many of the high costs of training and retaining an efficient and effective staff at a fraction of the cost realized internally.


HQC performs the following services:
• Account Contact and Follow Up
• Application analysis or Pre-qualification
• Loan Application Submission
• Application Processing

At HQC we have specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover all of your new client screening needs. Our legal intake specialists ask the right questions to determine if the caller is qualified for your services or if they should be referred elsewhere.


Some of the tasks that our legal intake contract service representatives will help with include:
•    Following your firm’s customized protocol intake process
•    Screening all calls to verify potential new clients
•    Asking a set of predetermined questions to qualify new clients
•    Communicating your firm’s business practices
•    Passing verified client information on to the designated person at your firm
•    Handling calls from clients that respond to your TV marketing campaign 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•    Handle all Web Traffic needs
•    Prior to establishing the intake process for your specific firm, we will work with you on your preferred process and create an SLA in-line with       that process!

Offline Media Tort Response
A media tort can generate a substantial amount of leads for your law firm. This is an opportunity to connect with a large group of people and ideally make a positive impact while promoting your firm’s services. Although a television advertising campaign regarding a media tort can run 24/7, you won't always be available to respond to incoming inquiries. These cases are incredibly valuable and you don’t want to miss connecting with potential clients simply because you can’t get to the phone on time. HQC can help to make sure you never miss another prospective client's message again. When you're managing a media tort, cover all of your bases by hiring a legal conversion center to handle the overflow calls.


At HQC, our always-on-call legal answering service is available 24/7/365. We will support your firm with the following services:
•    Live answer calls – you can feel confident knowing that there will always be someone to respond to incoming inquiries from potential new         clients
•    Bi-lingual support – connect with the Hispanic population in your area
•    Analytics – gain valuable insights on your client base
•    Outbound – we help with scheduling any necessary follow up calls to prospective clients
•    Text contracts with digital signature option – save time & move forward with business faster by allowing us to offer you an easy option for            contracts



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