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Medical Admin Support

We understand how time consuming it is to work with your customers/patient’s primary care physician. Issues such as wrong fax numbers, patients needing appointments or just simply lack of a response. Over the past 12 years we have implemented a very successful workflow that gives our team a higher rate of return over internal or external processes. We have first-hand experience in overseeing DME operations and have helped launched multiple DME’s from initial startup to re-accreditation and everything in between.


Primary Care Order Chasing for:

·         Orthotic Bracing

·         Pain Patch/Cream

·         TENS Unit

·         Diabetic Supplies

·         Cardiac Testing

·         Medical Notes/Chart notes



·         Medicare Coverage

·         Private Insurance Coverage

·         PCP, NP and Specialist info


DME consulting:

·         Launching DME workrooms/policy and procedure creation

·         Quarterly audits

·         Re-accreditation auditing/review


Ask our team about also retrieving:

·         AOB forms

·         Customer/Patient Documents

·         For any additional document-retrieval please contact us directly via phone or email


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